A description of a larp’s setting and basic conflict could look like this.

Overview of the World

In the year 2173, the Earth has evolved into a mesmerizing and enigmatic interdimensional gateway, forever altered by the arrival of vibrant alien spirits a century ago. These ethereal beings, known as the Chromarins, harnessed the raw power of color and light, reshaping our world into a nexus for interstellar encounters. The Chromarins’ influence on the Earth’s fabric has given birth to a surreal, kaleidoscopic landscape that defies the very laws of physics and transcends the boundaries of human imagination.

The planet’s surface now teems with breathtakingly iridescent flora and fauna, shrouded in a mesmerizing luminescent mist. Skyscrapers have been replaced by colossal, twisting crystal spires that pierce the heavens, refracting sunlight into a million vivid hues that dance upon the clouds. Waterfalls composed of liquid rainbows cascade into prismatic lakes, while once barren deserts have transformed into sprawling, psychedelic tapestries of undulating dunes.

This transformation has also given rise to an influx of extraterrestrial species, drawn to Earth by the Chromarins’ beacon of interdimensional energies. Sentient beings from across the cosmos converge on this nexus, bringing with them an eclectic fusion of cultures, technologies, and knowledge. Humanity has been forced to adapt quickly, learning to coexist with these otherworldly denizens while embracing the bewildering complexities of this new existence.

As a result, the human experience has undergone a radical shift. Technology has advanced exponentially, with the amalgamation of alien and human ingenuity sparking a renaissance of innovation. Cities teem with biomechanical marvels, from hovercrafts that glide seamlessly through neon-lit streets, to towering vertical gardens that purify the air with genetically-engineered flora. Medicine has also benefited immensely, with once-fatal diseases eradicated and life expectancy increased dramatically.

However, not all consequences of this transformation have been positive. The human species now faces significant challenges in navigating the precarious balance of intergalactic politics and maintaining their sovereignty. Conflicts have arisen as some species seek to exploit Earth’s resources, while others strive to protect the world’s newfound wonders. Moreover, the intermingling of diverse species has blurred the lines of identity, forcing humanity to redefine what it means to be human in the face of an ever-expanding cosmos.

In this vibrant and unfathomable world, Earth now stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of the universe, a realm where the mundane has been eclipsed by the extraordinary, and where humanity must adapt and grow in order to survive and thrive within this new, interdimensional existence.

The Larp’s Setting

An imminent threat from a hostile extraterrestrial force called the Voidbringers pushes four factions of Earth’s permanent inhabitants —humans, the peaceful yet powerful extraterrestrial Eirenthians, the telepathic extraterrestrial Omegari, and the cybernetically enhanced humans known as the Technosapiens—towards the brink of war. As the Voidbringers prepare to invade Earth, the four factions must overcome deep-seated mistrust and ideological differences to form a united front against the invaders. Through a delicate dance of diplomacy, strategic planning, and compromise, the factions must either join forces in a last stand to defend Earth or risk losing everything they hold dear.

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