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In 2173, Earth has been transformed into a surreal interdimensional gateway by the Chromarins, colorful alien spirits that attracted a myriad of extraterrestrial species. Humanity now coexists with these beings in a kaleidoscopic world of iridescent landscapes and advanced technology. This fusion of cultures has sparked unprecedented innovation, but also challenges Earth’s sovereignty and blurs the lines of human identity. As the planet faces both wonder and conflict, humans must adapt and redefine themselves within this new, extraordinary existence amid the vastness of the cosmos.

An imminent threat from a hostile extraterrestrial force called the Voidbringers pushes four factions of Earth’s permanent inhabitants —humans, the peaceful yet powerful extraterrestrial Eirenthians, the telepathic extraterrestrial Omegari, and the cybernetically enhanced humans known as the Technosapiens—towards the brink of war. As the Voidbringers prepare to invade Earth, the four factions must overcome deep-seated mistrust and ideological differences to form a united front against the invaders. Through a delicate dance of diplomacy, strategic planning, and compromise, the factions must either join forces in a last stand to defend Earth or risk losing everything they hold dear.

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Cyber-crystalline hybrid structure building on an artificial island

Locations & Materials

The larp takes place in the “Prism Core,” a cyber-crystalline hybrid structure on an artificial island left behind by the Chromarins and serving as neutral ground for Earth’s permanent inhabitants for decades.

You will need a larger room that can hold a conference table and all faction representatives for their deliberations. In addition, you need at least four smaller rooms that can serve as homeground for each faction. Use crystals, colored glass, glittering scarves, and some metal elements, pipes and tubes, to decorate the rooms.

More about locations and props

All character, location, and prop images on this demo site were generated using Midjourney just to see what the AI could do. This is not an endorsement of AI-generated art over work by artists. For actual larp projects, we prefer to either make the artwork ourselves or work with colleagues.

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