The wise and enigmatic leader of the Omegari

strange, hairless alien being in yoga-like pose



Age: 377

Group: ,
Profession: ,

Position/Specialty: Leader of the Omegari


Official Tasks:

Bring all factions together

Secret Tasks:

Hide your involvement in drawing the Voidbringers’ attention to Earth

Goals and Wants:

You are the wise and enigmatic Omegari leader, who has always maintained a close friendship with the Technosapien leader, Dr. G. Xander. You share a history of exploring the dimensional gateways together in your (respective) youth, seeking knowledge and understanding of various civilizations. Your telepathic abilities make you an invaluable asset in the delicate negotiations between the factions. Your goal is to bridge the communication gap between the groups and encourage them to work together against the Voidbringers. However, you grapple with the potential exposure of your own secret: the Omegari’s initial discovery of the Voidbringers’ existence, which they withheld from the other factions out of fear of panic and chaos. You approach the negotiations with a diplomatic and measured attitude, hoping to find a peaceful resolution.


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