G. Xander

A cunning strategist and cybernetic genius, leading the Technosapiens

androgynous, floating human-machine hybrid



Age: 57

Group: ,
Profession: ,

Position/Specialty: Leader of the Technosapiens


Official Tasks:

Launch a joint counteroffensive against the Voidbringers

Secret Tasks:

Ensure unity among the Technosapiens

Goals and Wants:

You are a cunning strategist and cybernetic genius, leading the Technosapiens. Having journeyed with Sel-Enn across the cosmos in your youth, you have witnessed firsthand the importance of unity in the face of adversity. Your primary goal is to fortify Earth’s defenses using cutting-edge Technosapien technology while also coordinating with the other factions to launch a joint counteroffensive against the Voidbringers. However, you secretly harbor doubts about your own faction’s loyalty, fearing that some Technosapiens may betray Earth for their own gain. As you navigate the complex dynamics between the four factions, you must confront your own vulnerabilities and balance your allegiance to the Technosapiens with the greater good. You approach the negotiations with a mixture of pragmatism and assertiveness, prepared to fight for your faction’s interests.


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