A. Morgan

The brilliant and skilled leader of the humans

smiling, boyish-female scientist



Age: 47

Group: , ,
Profession: ,

Position/Specialty: Human leader


Official Tasks:

Preserve humanity and negotiate collaboration among the four factions

Secret Tasks:

Appease the Voidbringers and ensure humanity’s survival

Goals and Wants:

You are Dr. A. Morgan, a brilliant scientist, and skilled diplomat, burdened with the secret that you are in league with the Voidbringers. You were once married to the Eirenthian leader, Eridas P., but your opposing views on Earth’s future led to your separation. Together, you co-founded a company that researched ways to harness Earth’s interdimensional energies. After the divorce, you secretly allied yourself with the Voidbringers to secure humanity’s survival through appeasement. Your goal is to negotiate Earth’s subjugation under the Voidbringers in exchange for humanity’s preservation. However, your past with Eridas P. makes you question the morality of your decision, and you struggle with the consequences of your actions. You approach the negotiations between the factions with caution, hiding your true intentions from the others.


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