Collaborative Larp Writing

Welcome to “Larpwright Online,” a WordPress-based tool for designing larps. It provides the custom post types “Character,” “Scene,” “Location,” “Prop,” and “Workshop Activity” via the plugin Larpwright Design Tools. It incorporates a couple of other free plugins to assist with writing, discussing, and collaborating in the design of characters, plot, and game mechanics.

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Feel free to set up your own site using the “Larpwright Design Tools” plugin. This website functions as a demo site. Please check out the examples for Characters, Larp Setup, or the Plot via the navigation above.

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Larp Debriefing

Educational and political larps usually incorporate a reflection phase, often called a debriefing. A formal debriefing will incorporate spontaneous, immediate statements about the larp experience and more structured forms of group discussions and assistance with individual sense-making. For a mixed-method visualization and reflection strategy, you can use our Shiny app, “reLarp.”

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