Below is a list of character attitudes.


An adversarial attitude involves approaching situations with a competitive mindset, viewing others as opponents or rivals. Characters with this mindset tend to be confrontational, focused on winning or prevailing over others, and may prioritize their own interests above those of the group, often leading to conflicts and power struggles.


Assertiveness is characterized by the ability to express one’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions confidently and directly without being aggressive. Assertive characters can firmly stand their ground while respecting others’ rights and boundaries, effectively advocating for their own needs, and maintaining a balanced perspective in challenging situations.


A cautious attitude revolves around careful consideration and vigilance before taking action. Cautious characters analyze potential risks and outcomes before making decisions, avoiding impulsive or reckless behavior. They may take a more conservative approach in uncertain situations, focusing on minimizing potential negative consequences and ensuring safety.


An optimistic attitude involves maintaining a positive outlook on life and expecting favorable outcomes, even in challenging circumstances. Optimistic characters tend to see opportunities and solutions rather than focusing on problems, displaying resilience and confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles and create a better future.


A restrained attitude is characterized by self-control and moderation in expressing emotions or opinions. Restrained characters may hold back their immediate reactions, carefully choosing their words and actions to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts. This approach can foster thoughtful communication and diplomacy, but may sometimes result in perceived aloofness or passivity.