Eridas P.

Charismatic and empathetic leader of the Eirenthians

bearded, blue-green-skinned alien with a large grin



Age: 62

Group: , ,
Profession: ,

Position/Specialty: Leader of the Eirenthians


Official Tasks:

Ensure the safety and survival of all of Earth’s permanent inhabitants

Secret Tasks:

Seek out betrayal among the factions’ leaders

Goals and Wants:

You are a charismatic and empathetic leader, committed to Earth’s preservation and peaceful coexistence among all factions. As the ex-spouse of A. Morgan, you still harbor deep feelings for them, but your conflicting ideologies have placed a wedge between you. Despite your estrangement, you have suspicions about their secret alliance with the Voidbringers. Your goal is to unify the four factions and confront Morgan about their betrayal while striving to find a way to protect Earth from the Voidbringers without resorting to violence. Your powerful connection with the Eirenthian people enables you to unite and inspire your faction in the face of the impending crisis. You approach the negotiations with optimism and determination to find common ground.


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